Piford Technologies provides the

React Native Training in Chandigarh

. Piford Technologies is Mohali situated IT company deals in mobile applications for Indians and overseas customers. We trained the aspirants which are showing their interest in doing

React Native Course in Chandigarh.

We are not committed fake talks about afford a job after course completion. But we will make you professional React Native app developer which will guide you knowledge about latest technologies and trends. So you can efficiently get a job in the field of mobile App development. There are numerous students which are placed in a good companies and they acclaim our Organization as the

Best React Native Training Organization in Chandigarh.

Areas of Development


  • Environment Setup
  • Installing Java Development Kit (JDK)
  • Installing NodeJS
  • Installing Python
  • Installing Android Studio
  • HTML5 / CSS3 / JS brush up
  • ES6 Javascript Basics
  • Build Starter App
  • Understanding React Native Development

  • CRNA
  • Creating the first App
  • Understanding the App
  • Styling the App
  • Understanding Flexbox
  • Inspecting & Debugging styles
  • Advanced React Native Components

  • Text Input
  • Props & Prop Types
  • Event Handlers
  • State
  • Styling the App
  • Understanding Flexbox
  • Built-in components
  • Working with Images
  • ListViews
  • FlatList
  • Touchable
  • TextInput
  • Creating Views (Scenes)
  • Running on Physical devices
  • Networking
  • Integrating API's
  • Running on Physical Devices